The United States Army Warrant Officers Association is a national organization structured as follows:
National Headquarters
National Committees
Chapter Names
Designation of a Chapter as a "Silver Chapter"
An explanation of the internal organization of each element follows:


  1. a. Boundaries: Chapter boundaries shall be as established by the National BOD upon the advice of the Region President/Director. Chapters may establish Sub-Chapters in outlying locations including overseas locations where there is no formal Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) in place; Those Sub-Chapters (in the US or overseas) will be governed by the same directives as their host or regular association chapter and be titled “Name Sub-Chapter”. The Chapters offering to host a sub-chapter must remain in contact with and include in their minutes updates or copies of the sub-chapters minutes. All other elements of this and all other directives will remain the same.

  2. b. Organization: Any five (5) Members may file a petition with the National BOD through the Region Headquarters (if such exists) to form a chapter of the Association. Such petition shall be signed by three of the ten members and shall list the names and addresses of all the members. It shall be accompanied by a proposed set of Bylaws, which shall be consistent with the Region Bylaws (if such exists), the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Association. The Council of Presidents (if such exists) shall examine the proposed Chapter Bylaws and, if they are consistent with the Region Bylaws (if such exists), the Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws of the Association, recommended approval to issue a charter to the National BOD. No person shall be a regular member of a chapter who is not also a regular member of the Association. The information required may be submitted via email with attachments.

  3. c. Purpose: The purposes of each chapter shall be:
    1. (1) To provide a local forum for members of the Association to discuss problems its members may have in carrying out the purposes of the Association.
    2. (2) To make recommendations to the Region Council of presidents (if such exists).
    3. (3) To make recommendations to the National BOD.
    4. (4) To make recommendations to the Region (if such exists) Annual Meeting of the Members (conventions).
    5. (5) To make recommendations to the Meetings of the Members of the Association.
    6. (6) To carry out such civic and charitable purposes as the chapter members may desire.

  4. d. Chapter Funds and Liabilities:
    1. (1) All funds and property of the chapter will be accounted for, as directed by Army Regulations and laws of the applicable country and/or state(s) in which the chapter is located.
    2. (2) The chapter will maintain a current bond to cover the treasurer and/or other persons authorized to distribute chapter funds.

  5. e. Loans: The chapter shall make no loans to any officer or member of the chapter.

  6. f. Chapter Operated Clubs and Other Activities:
    1. (1) The USAWOA shall not be responsible or liable, financially or otherwise, for the operation or management of any club or other venture either sponsored or endorsed by a chapter of the USAWOA.
    2. (2) No chapter of the USAWOA shall endorse or sponsor a club or venture involving finances, unless such club or enterprise shall be in compliance with Army Regulations and laws of the applicable country and/or state or other jurisdiction.
    3. (3) Failure of any chapter to comply with the provisions of this section shall be sufficient cause for the revocation or suspension of the chapter's charter as authorized in the Bylaws.

  7. g. Suspension and Revocation of Charters: The National BOD, as recommended by the Region Headquarters (if such exists), may revoke the charter of any chapter for just cause, subject to the right of the chapter to appeal. Such action may be taken for such reasons as:
    1. (1) When a chapter fails to conduct regular meetings, at least once each quarter, without just cause. (Each case to be evaluated on its own merit).
    2. (2) When a chapter fails to comply with written directives within the scope of the Region Bylaws (if such exists), the Articles of Incorporation and the Bylaws of the Association.
    3. (3) When a chapter fails to maintain written contact with the Region Headquarters (if such exists) and National Headquarters during a calendar quarter period.
    4. (4) When a chapter shall be found purposely guilty of actions that are in violation of or detrimental to the aims of the association.
    5. (5) When the majority of the chapter's members have voted to request suspension, pending a new election of officers.
    6. (6) The charter of any chapter shall automatically be suspended when the number of its membership is less than ten for a period of ninety days.

  8. h. Actions upon Suspension or Revocation of Charters:
    1. (1) All members will be reassigned to the chapter in closest proximity to their location.
    2. (2) All chapter property shall be converted to cash or disposed of as considered appropriate by the remaining members of the chapter if the property cannot be converted to cash..
    3. (3) All financial records of the chapter shall be audited, in accordance with Army Regulations and laws of the country and/or state where the chapter is located.
    4. (4) All local financial obligations shall be satisfied, and the balance of funds, if any, will be forwarded to the National Headquarters. Any funds, so received, will be held in escrow by the National Headquarters for a period of one (1) year and then transferred to the USAWOA Operating Fund.
    5. (5) All records, including the charter, will be returned to the National Headquarters.

  9. i. Actions upon Chapter Reactivation:
    1. (1) USAWOA National Headquarters shall return all available chapter records.
    2. (2) Funds held in escrow shall be returned if reactivation occurs within one (1) year from the date funds were received at the National Headquarters.

  10. j. Moving of Chapters: Chapters shall not be moved from one location to another without the approval of the majority of the members of the chapter. Such approval must be by written petition or recorded in the minutes of either a regular or special meeting. If approved, the chapter will be deactivated at its present location, and a new chapter activated at the new location. In no case will a chapter be moved from one region to another region.

  11. k. Voluntary Deactivation: If, for any reason, the majority of the members of an entire chapter desires the voluntary deactivation of their chapter, a special meeting shall be held and a vote taken and made a matter of record in the minutes of such meeting(s). In case of voluntary deactivation, the procedures outlined in h. above apply.

  12. l. Merging of Chapters: If, for any reason, the majority of the members of two (2) or more chapters desire to merge their chapters, a special meeting shall be held by each chapter involved and a vote taken and made a matter of record in the minutes of such meeting(s).

  13. m. Dues: Chapters shall not be permitted to collect dues from its members other than those prescribed by the National BOD.

  14. n. Chapter Officers: The officers of an active chapter shall be an elected President and Vice President and an appointed Secretary and Treasurer. Where possible, the office of Secretary should be designated Recording Secretary and Corresponding Secretary. These officers shall be elected/appointed at the date and place as promulgated in the Chapter Bylaws. The chapter officials may appoint such other officers, as it shall deem desirable; such officers to have the authority and perform the duties prescribed from time to time by the chapter officials. No chapter elected official shall hold another elected National, Region, or Chapter office concurrently. Their duties shall be as defined below in the Association Bylaws and other directives of this Association for officers of the same titled position.

  15. o. Chapter President: The Chapter President has the overall responsibility of conducting the official business of the chapter, and it shall be his/her duty to give most careful attention to the welfare and work of the chapter and to carry into effect the policies determined upon by the majority of the chapter membership. In carrying out the responsibilities of the office they shall:
    1. (1) Call special meetings of the chapter officers and chapter membership at such times and places as deemed expedient and to preside at and determine the order of business therein.
    2. (2) Serve as chairperson at all chapter membership meetings.
    3. (3) Serve as the primary representative of the chapter at the Region Council of Presidents meetings.
    4. (4) Recruit new members into the Association.
    5. (5) Gather information on state and local legislation and administrative matters and activities of other Associations and transmit it to the Region Headquarters.
    6. (6) Engage in public relations activities aimed at enhancing the USAWOA image.
    7. (7) In general, perform all duties incident to the office of Chapter President and such other duties as may be assigned by the National President, the National BOD, the Region President or the Region Council of Presidents.
    8. (8) The authority of the Chapter President shall be that requisite to the proper performance of the office and the duties stated therein.

  16. p. Term of Office:
    1. (1) Elected/appointed officers in the chapter shall serve in such offices for a period of approximately two (2) years depending upon the day of the month the annual or chapter meeting for the election/appointment of officers occurs. Such officers shall be installed in office at the meeting of the year in which selected or appointed and shall continue in office until their successors are elected/appointed and installed in office.
    2. (2) Officers who are elected/appointed to fill vacancies in office, or who succeed to a vacant office, as provided for in the Bylaws, shall take office on and from the date of the election/appointment or succession, and shall continue in the office until their successor is elected/appointed under the provisions of the Bylaws and are installed at the next election meeting.
    3. (3) Any elective official named in the Bylaw is eligible to succeed themselves but no elective official shall serve more than two (2) full terms consecutively in the same office.

  17. q. Vacancies in Office:
    1. (1) In the event of the death, resignation, removal through disqualification or otherwise of any of the officers named in the Bylaws, the office which was held shall be deemed to be vacant. A successor thereto shall be elected/appointed by the appropriate governing body from among the membership, except for the office of President, in which case, the Vice President shall succeed to the Presidency with full rights, authority, and responsibility of the office. A new Vice President will be elected by the appropriate governing body from among the membership.
    2. (2) Resignation from any of the elective/appointed offices in the Bylaws, for any reason other than those mentioned in 1) above, shall be made in writing to the appropriate governing body. Acceptance or rejection of the resignation shall be made by a majority vote of that governing body present in a meeting properly assembled.
    3. (3) Vacancies occurring as mentioned in (1) and (2) above shall be filled by election/appointment at the next meeting of the appropriate governing body. Voting shall be limited to the membership present only, and the candidate receiving the majority vote shall be declared elected/appointed to the vacant office.

  18. r. Chapter Meetings:
    1. (1) Selection of Date and Place: Chapters shall normally conduct monthly meetings at a date and place as determined by the chapter membership and promulgated in the Chapter's Bylaws. Chapter meeting will be conducted no less than quarterly unless the chapter is located with a unit that has deployed. If this occurs, National Headquarters will be notified via email. This will preclude the chapter from going inactive.
    2. (2) Rules of Order: The rules contained in Robert's Rules of Order, current edition, shall govern the conduct of chapter meetings in all cases in which they are applicable and when not in conflict with the National Articles of Incorporation and National, Region (if such exists) or Chapter Bylaws.
    3. (3) Quorum: In any chapter meeting, a quorum shall consist of the numerically greater between the following two determinants, and any meeting so constituted shall be a legal meeting for the transaction of business:
      1. (a) Six members, exclusive of chapter officials; or,
      2. (b) 10% of the chapter membership, exclusive of chapter officials.
    4. (4) Proxy Voting: Chapter members may vote by proxy as provided for in the Bylaws.
    5. (5) Proposals: All proposals presented to the chapter by a member should be referred to the Chapter Proposals Committee for review and, if appropriate, submitted to the chapter membership for adoption or rejection. Proposals affecting only the chapter will be forwarded to the Region (if such exists) and National Headquarters for information only. Proposals affecting the Association or all Warrant Officers will be forwarded to the Region Headquarters for action.
    6. (6) Compensation: Chapter members shall not be reimbursed for any expenditure in connection with chapter meetings. Chapter officials shall not receive any stated salaries for their services. However, the chapter members may authorize reimbursement of expenses of chapter officials in the same manner as provided in the Bylaws. Any such authorization for reimbursement by a chapter shall be borne by that Chapter.

  19. s. Support or Affiliation with Other Organizations:
    1. (1) Chapters may support or affiliate with other organizations. A written agreement in compliance with the definitions stated below will be forwarded through the Region President/Director for comments and to National Headquarters for approval/disapproval. National shall respond within 10 working days following the next EXCOM meeting.
    2. (2) Definition of Affiliation: A written agreement between two or more organizations for a common goal. A memorandum of agreement/understanding (MOU) establishing guidelines and defining the role of each participant will be prepared and include withdrawal procedures. The MOU will include a statement or statements describing the worthiness of the affiliation to the USAWOA.
    3. (3) Definition of Support—Direct Assistance to Another organization: Most support is given at the local chapter level to promote installation, community or National objectives, i.e., Red Cross, MS drives, food baskets. Local Chapters are encouraged to participate to the limits of their available resources. This type of support does not require a written agreement.