In the early 1970's, several small groups of Warrant Officer Associations existed. A few isolated associations existed in the United States, the majority of them in Europe. These associations were local and provided a social outlet for their members. Dissatisfaction with the professional development of the Warrant Officer Corps, including military and civilian educational opportunities, promotion potential, concurrent travel policies, and other DA policies concerning the assignment and utilization of Warrant Officers were often discussed. Because these associations were local in nature, there was no central point of contact for individuals and associations to air their professional concerns.

It was recognized that military oriented associations such as the Association of the U. S. Army and the Retired Officers Association existed and that Warrant Officers were eligible for these associations. However, these organizations were oriented toward the overall problems concerning the Army and were not in position to address the specific personnel and operational policies of the Warrant Officer. These other associations perform a valuable service to the Army at large and were not chartered to represent any one segment of the Army or the Officer Corps.

A small group of dedicated Warrant Officers began to work together for the formation of a National Association of Army Warrant Officers to bring to the attention of DA, DOD, Congress, and the Administration, the need for better utilization of the vast amount of talent consolidated within the Warrant Officer Corps. Although at the time of the organization of the association, the Corps comprised fourteen percent (14%) of the Army officer strength, it makes up less than two percent (2%) of the total Army force.

After initial organizational meetings and national publicity, the USAWOA held its first Annual Meeting in 1973. USAWOA incorporated in the State of Virginia on 7 November 1974 and has existed as an incorporated Association since that time.


a. Full Membership in the Association is open to Army Warrant Officers regardless of component or status, i.e., RA, USAR, NG, AUS, on active duty, reserve status, or retired as well as those individuals who support the goals and objectives of the Association. Dues are set by the membership as recommended by the Board of Directors. Local chapters do not charge dues but receive a rebate from the National Association to defray administrative costs.

b. Associate Membership in the Association is open to all who believe in and wish support the goals and objectives of the organization. USAWOAM 300-1 23 August 2012

c. Honorary Membership in the Association is available as gifts to those individuals who serve in the military or the government and wish to support the goals and objectives of the organization. Honorary membership is normally bestowed upon strong supporters by a Chapter, Region of the National Headquarters.

d. Corporate Membership is available to those organizations who wish to provide financial support in return for advertising that they support the organization not only in theory but with their financial assistance. Corporate membership must be approved by the National Headquarters.


As stated in the preamble to our constitution, the USAWOA has been established to:

a. Foster a spirit of patriotism and devotion to duty among our members, commensurate with the high ideals of the Army and our position therein.

b. Recommend programs for the improvement of the Army.

c. Disseminate professional information among Warrant Officers.

d. Promote the technical and social welfare of our members.

e. Promote a spirit of true comradeship among our members.

f. Live up to our motto as “The Quiet Professionals”.


The keystone of the USAWOA is professionalism. The Association is concerned with those Warrant Officer Policies and Procedures, which will enhance the professionalism of the Warrant Officer Corps and the individual Warrant Officer. At our Annual Meetings, we recommend proposals which will improve the Warrant Officer Corps and the Army as a whole. A list of our past resolutions/proposals is available from the Headquarters to provide you with information on the issues we have addressed.


The Association has been praised by Presidents of the United States, Congressmen, Secretary of the Army, Chiefs of Staff of the Army, the Deputy Chiefs of Staff for Personnel, and other high ranking military and civilian leaders. The Secretary of the Army, Chief of Staff of the Army and Deputy Chief of Staff for Regional Military Personnel Center commanders have been our guest speakers at our Annual Meetings. USAWOA representatives are invited to attend various briefings in The White House and The Pentagon on matters of interest to our members. The Warrant Officers Career College Commandant is invited to contribute a column to our NEWSLINER, as are other persons in positions of responsibility within or related to the Army Warrant Officer Corps.

Specifically on Warrant Officer Initiatives, the USAWOA participated in the first and all subsequent meetings with the Army on workshops, which led to the Warrant Officer initiatives recently approved. A USAWOA representative also participated in the first interservice seminar on recommending solutions to the pay disparity between Warrant Officers and commissioned officers. On all matters pertaining to Warrant Officer actions, the Army leadership solicits our advice, suggestions and comments.


The USAWOA represents its members in several ways. Acting on the recommendations/proposals approved by our membership and on other recommendations submitted by chapters and individual Warrant Officers, we ensure that these actions are brought to the attention of the appropriate action officers with the backing of the USAWOA. Our Association is a full member of The Military Coalition (TMC) which is comprised of approximately 35 military oriented associations with headquarters in the Washington, D.C. area.

Through the TMC, we keep abreast of the personnel legislative actions pending in Congress. At these meetings, the various association representatives discuss matters of common concern and give one another the full benefit of their knowledge, experience, and background. Through the TMC, USAWOA receives the full benefit of many years of experience on the "Hill" plus the support of our sister associations in matters affecting our members.

Through USAWOA's affiliation with the TMC, our Warrant Officer members add their voices to those of more than 5.5 million others that are also interested in the common good of the military community.

The Association's major efforts are directed toward DA and DOD. Specifically, we work with the appropriate officers on the DA and DOD staff to recommend changes to the applicable policies and regulations, which limit or preclude more effective utilization of Warrant Officers.