The National Headquarters shall publish and distribute a publication containing information pertaining to matters that are of general interest to the membership of the Association. In exceptional circumstances, the BOD may approve the suspension or consolidation of one or more months of the publication.

  1. a. Advertising. Advertising, not to exceed one-half of the total publication, may be solicited to assist in defraying the cost of publication and distribution of the publication to the membership. Rates for advertising shall be competitive as determined by the Executive Director or the Editor through study of rates for similar publications. Rates for the following year will be approved by the National BOD each year during the meeting held immediately after the annual meeting of the members and reviewed during the semiannual BOD meeting.
  2. b. Preparation, Publication, and Distribution. The preparation, publication, and distribution of the publication shall be the responsibility of the National Executive Director under supervision of the National President.