These Bylaws were developed by the initial three-member National Board of Directors under authority contained in the Articles of Incorporation and by the power vested in them by the Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act through the issuance of the incorporation of USAWOA on 7 November 1974. They are binding on all members, chapters, regions, members of appointed committees and councils, National Headquarters Staff, contractors, consultants, National Executive Director, elected officials, other individuals and companies under contract with USAWOA. The USAWOA legal counsel will ensure that all contracts and/or agreements contain provisions for compliance with appropriate Bylaws.

The original Bylaws (before incorporation) were approved by the Annual Meeting of the Members on 8 July 1974. The Virginia Nonstock Corporation Act requires that the Board of Directors of the Corporation approve the Bylaws of the Corporation. Therefore, those Bylaws were revised and adopted by the National Board of Directors the latest version being dated 5 July 2014. Copies of these previous editions are no longer valid and should be destroyed. This document contains extracts from the original Bylaws plus amendments, additions and deletions required by the Virginia Non-stock Corporation Act after the incorporation of USAWOA in the Commonwealth of Virginia on 7 November 1974 and is an endeavor to produce a short, but effective set of rules for our Association.

This edition of the Bylaws was developed by the National Board of Directors, under the direction of the National President and approved by the National Board of Directors, with an effective date of5 July 2014. These Bylaws are designed to unify the Association and serve to answer any member's questions about the Association.

Amendments and additions to these Bylaws are encouraged and should be addressed to the National Executive Director, USAWOA, 462 Herndon Parkway, Suite 207, Herndon, VA 20170-5235.


John R. Du Teil
CW4 (Ret) USA
Executive Director, USAWOA
Joachim Consiglio
CW5, (Ret) USA
President, USAWOA