1. a. Active Regions will receive a dues rebate of $1.00 for each membership (both initial and renewal) processed during each calendar quarter for that region. These rebates are subject to the following provision: There must be at least one business meeting of the region during the quarter, and copies of the minutes and financial statement thereof be forwarded to the National Headquarters by no later than the fifth working day of the new quarter.
  2. b. No rebate will be paid/earned for introductory memberships.
  3. c. Rebates will be paid by the National Headquarters within sixty (60) days of the new quarter, but only after receipt of the aforementioned minutes and financial statement. It is the responsibility of each Chapter and its officers to submit their minutes in a timely manner. No notice will be provided by the National Headquarters. If the required documentation is received in the timeframes listed below the rebate will be paid as indicated:

    No later than the 5th working day after the end of the quarter 0%
    6th working day to 30 calendar days after the end of the quarter 25%
    31-45 calendar days after end of quarter 50%
    45 or more calendar days after end of quarter 100%

  5. d. Rebates will not be distributed to regions not formally organized. Instead, the budget committee will determine an amount, based on projected region membership, to be budgeted for reimbursement of Region Directors. In amounts not to exceed the approved operating budget, the Region Director may request, through the Executive Director, reimbursement of personal expenses incurred in performance of Association and/or region business. Such amounts so budgeted and managed will not “accrue”; but must be used within the budget year in which they would have been paid. Such unused funds will become general operating monies for the Association.