1. b. CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT: The Association headquarters will develop and maintain a certificate to provide the National Headquarters a means of recognizing meritorious service to the Association by members, who have made significant contributions to the Association at the National, Regional, or Chapter levels. This certificate is of higher precedence than a Certificate of Appreciation. Award of this certificate is subject to the following provisions and conditions:
    1. (1) The request for issuance of this certificate must be in writing, signed by a National Officer, member of the National Board of Directors, Region President, or Chapter President; and must contain the specific citation to be used on the certificate. Support justification is desired but not required.
    2. (2) It may be awarded to any member of the Association.
    3. (3) Recipients may subsequently be awarded additional certificates.
    4. (4) The National BOD must approve the issue of this certificate.
    5. (5) The certificate will be a scroll and will be signed by the President of the Association.
  2. c. CERTIFICATE OF ACHIEVEMENT FOR ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE. The Association headquarters will develop and maintain a certificate to allow the Association to recognize the academic achievements of Army warrant officers. Such certificates will be provided to the academic departments of service schools for presentation to all warrant officers who achieve the school’s standards for excellence. The authority and responsibility to provide such certificates shall rest with the Executive Director.