1. a. The Association code of conduct charts the course for the honorable and provides standards by which to judge the transgressor. Each individual, who purports to act in the name of the Association should aspire, by their conduct, to rise above minimum standards bearing in mind that the respect and confidence of the members of the Association whom they serve requires the highest degree of ethical conduct. The Association code of conduct, while having as its base is all of the laws of the United States and the underlying moral and spiritual values, will focus upon certain general ethical standards which must be adhered to by those holding certain positions.
  2. b. All who represent the Association in any capacity shall:
    1. a. Engage in no activity of any nature that will bring discredit upon the Association.
    2. b. Maintain complete loyalty to the United States Army Warrant Officers Association.
    3. c. Hold inviolate the confidential relationship between the individual members of the Association and themselves and the confidential information entrusted to them through the Association's National headquarters, Regions, and Chapters.
    4. d. Endorse no product or service on behalf of the Association unless approved by the National BOD.
    5. e. Work harmoniously with local commands, the Department of the Army, Department of Defense, other governmental agencies, and military associations with goals and values similar to that of USAWOA.
    6. f. Uphold the independence of the Association and never permit it to become subservient to any other association or other organization.
    7. g. Accept no gratuities or special compensation for the performance of acts in behalf of the Association from any individual member, region, chapter, or other person or organization except with the knowledge and consent of the National BOD.
    8. h. Neither engage in nor countenance any exploitation of the Association by any person or organization.
    9. i. Recognize and discharge their responsibility and that of the Association to uphold all local, state, and federal laws and regulations relating to the activities of the Association.
    10. j. Exercise and insist on sound business principles in the conduct of the affairs of the Association.
    11. k. Never use the name of the Association or its influence, directly or indirectly, to support any political party or any candidate for nomination, election, or selection to any federal, state, county, city, town, or other political office.
    12. l. Use only legal and ethical means in any efforts to influence legislation, regulations, or administrative policies and determinations. In this regard, chapters, regions, and/or members will not use the name of the Association, directly or indirectly, to influence said governmental policies or determinations, unless specifically authorized to do so in writing by the National Headquarters of the Association. Recommendations in the form of resolutions for the proposed federal, state, or local government legislative or regulatory action shall be forwarded to the Executive Director, USAWOA for evaluation and consideration of appropriate coordination and concerted action.
    13. m. Issue no false or misleading statements of any nature, whether they affect the Association, other associations, or other individuals or organizations.
    14. n. Utilize every opportunity to promote public understanding of the Association and its objectives.
    15. o. Maintain highest standards of personal conduct so that the Association will have an indisputable image of solid integrity.
  3. c. Paid employees, consultants, and similar agents will not participate in Association policy decisions except as authorized and required as part of their employment agreement. In this regard, such individuals will:
    1. (1) Refrain from using official authority or influence for the purpose of interfering with or affecting the results of any election or nomination for office within the Association.
    2. (2) Refuse to accept any elected office within the Association even if elected without being a candidate.
    3. (3) Avoid taking part in the political campaign or the management of the campaign for any elective office in the Association.
    4. (4) Never directly or indirectly coerce, attempt to coerce, command or advise any person to pay, lend, or contribute anything of value to a party, committee, organization, agency, or person for political purposes within the Association.
    5. (5) Decline to make or offer to make any expenditure to any person, either to vote or withhold their vote, or to vote for or against any candidate for office within the Association.
    6. (6) Request no information from any person within the Association with reference to their choice of or their vote for any candidate for office within the Association.
    7. (7) Never directly or indirectly promise or pledge the appointment, or use of their influence in support for the appointment of any person to any position within the Association, for the purpose of securing support for any candidate for office within the Association.
    8. (8) Refrain from soliciting, receiving, or contributing whatsoever for any political purpose within the Association.
    9. (9) Decline to accept nomination to become an elected or appointed official of any chapter within the Association.
    10. (10) Attend no chapter meetings (other than their own assigned chapter, if applicable) unless specifically invited by the Chapter President or other authorized representative.
    11. (11) Enthusiastically pursue all of the Association's objectives regardless of any personal misgivings they may have about the established objective.
    12. (12) Serve all members of the Association impartially granting no special favors or privileges to any member.
    13. (13) Cooperate fully in every reasonable and proper way with USAWOA members, officers, executives, and other personnel dealing with the Association.
    14. (14) Comply with lawful requests and instructions and give only reasonable and lawful requests and instructions if acting in a supervisory capacity.
    15. (15) Where employment involves the receipt of money or property on behalf of the Association or the disposal of Association property the employee shall act prudently. The employee shall keep account of each transaction and present an accounting at the proper time or upon demand with such vouchers and receipts as business usage customarily requires.
    16. (16) Accept no gift, compensation, or other profit of any kind for the exercise of their employment beyond the compensation to which they are entitled by the terms of their employment contractor other agreement with the Association National BOD.
    17. (17) Not only exercise their duties loyally and skillfully but also refrain from deceiving the Association by entering into business relations with others that would create a conflict of interest with the Association.
    18. (18) Never use knowledge acquired during this employment for personal advantage and to the detriment of the Association or in competition with the Association. In this regard, even after the employment has ceased, employees remain subject to a duty not to disclose or use for their own information entrusted to them during this employment.
    19. (19) Association employees shall maintain their personal appearance in a manner that upholds the high professionalism of the Warrant Officers they serve.
    20. (20) Resign any elected or appointed